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Center for Supportive Schools

Center for Supportive Schools (CSS) has supported the High School for Teaching and Professions for close to a decade and served as the lead CBO since 2019. CSS helps schools identify and put into place whole-school and targeted interventions that provide an integrated focus on academic, social, and emotional learning, such that every student and family has strong relationships with the school and an individualized pathway to success. Each child and family are strongly connected with at least one school-based adult; each family participates and partners with the school to provide students with an outstanding education; and students and families benefit from comprehensive expanded learning, enrichment activities, and wraparound services.  

Our work in community schools includes:

  • Implementing CSS’s flagship youth development solutions, including Peer Group Connection and Achievement Mentoring
  • Using data to drive continuous improvement that leads to efficient and effective school systems
  • Creating an infrastructure of student support in which students and families are connected to the school community
  • Building the capacity of school faculty and staff to provide academic and social and emotional support for students
  • Implementing tiered intervention and prevention strategies that address whole-school needs and support high-need groups
  • Engaging and empowering families by creating leadership opportunities and by fostering two-way communication between school and community and
  • Developing partnerships with community-based organizations that address specialized needs in the school community through services such as mental health, enrichment activities, academic supports, and more.

With CSS’s support, schools implement a comprehensive and transformative whole school strategy that effectively meets the social, emotional, health needs of all students, with the vision of facilitating student success.